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Digital inclusion at the national level is improving, increasing from 67.5 in 2020, to 71.1 in 2021.

The divide between metropolitan and regional areas remains marked. In 2021, regional areas record a score of 67.4, 3.6 points less than the national score (71.1), and 5.5 points less than metropolitan areas (72.9).

In 2021, the Australian Capital Territory is the most digitally included state/territory, recording a score of 77. South Australia and Tasmania are the least digitally included states, recording scores of 69 and 66, respectively.

Help: The ADII measures Affordability as a ratio of the potential cost for a quality Internet Bundle to the distribution of  household income. To present a metric that is consistent  with Access and Digital Ability, we convert this ratio to a score between 0 and 1 that is multiplied by 100. See the Affordability page for further interpretation of this measure in relation to what is considered affordable and unaffordable.
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