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Young woman wearing a mask to protect herself from COVID-19

Case study: Has COVID-19 been a driver of digital inclusion in Australia? Reflecting on early findings


With the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, much of contemporary life moved online. This case study considers how these restrictions and the associated digital transformation of all facets of life has impacted how Australians use the internet.

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Older man using a laptop outside

Case study: Taking a deep dive into Digital Ability


As digital devices and services become more embedded in daily routines, the Digital Ability needed to navigate them is crucial to ensuring fair and equitable access to essential services and online opportunities

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People using a printed report to analyse data

Case study: Introducing the revised and updated ADII


This year marks the first release of findings from a revised and updated Australian Digital Inclusion Index. This new version of the Index continues the tradition of the ADII in generating the most nuanced and detailed picture of digital inclusion in Australia.

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